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Kettle Corniness

2023-11-24 | #bbq #cooking #grill #own your stuff

An Old Man Reminisces The first grill I ever bought was a Weber kettle. Christ, I was young then. Young and stupid. The first time my roommate and I tried to light that thing was on the balcony of our third floor apartment. Central Ohio didn’t really get hit hard by hurricane Ike but a storm was definitely rolling in from the east. We set the grill up on the north side of the building and couldn’t get the damn thing lit for all the wind, so we used more and more lighter fluid.

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The Once and Future (tur)King

2023-11-23 | #bbq #cooking #recipe #thanksgiving #turkey

The Long Boring Part Before the Recipe Thanksgiving dinner is my favorite thing to cook every year. It really only got big for me when I was 19, my group of friends ended up starting a friendsgiving a tradition that has so far lasted for 15 years. It’s been my favorite day of the year every year and as I’ve grown up and started my own family I’ve carried that love for that event over to the holiday proper.

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2023-07-12 | #old writing #religion #short story

This is a short story I found in my old Blogger profile while I was cleaning things out. The date on this is 3/22/2010, which seems like it checks out to me. I remember writing this after taking some adderall to study and ended up cleaning the whole apartment, writing a single page of legible fiction, and then failing out of community college. I’m posting this here because I lost it for 13 years.

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Adventures in Labbing - 'Repcal'

2023-05-30 | #adventures in labbing #french republican calendar #Kubernetes

I made a fun little website called all about the French Republican Calendar. If you’re not familiar with the calendar and why I think it’s cool, go immediately read Ursula Lawrence’s excellent introduction to her French Republican Wall Calendar.1 Her calendar’s focus on the natural elements really drew me in, and I really think this part stands out. The authors of the original calendar thought carefully about when to honor each item.

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Worshiping a Dead Goddess

2023-04-06 | #D&D #Deity #Forgotten Realms #Helm #Minor Faction #Murdane #Religous Order #Umberlee

My go to move when making a character for any TTRPG is to make the Zealot of a Small Order. A lot of the time for me this takes the form of a Lawful Neutral dwarf cleric who is utterly devoted to one very specific reading of one very particular facet of one domain a given major deity.1 It’s so fun and easy to come up with a character concept that has an interesting perspective by taking that reading to its logical conclusion at a Heroic 112 I like that Zealots of Small Orders tend to be earnest weirdos who seldom fit in.

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Windows Thoughts

2023-02-07 | #development #jots and thoughts #windows #wsl2

I really haven’t used my Windows machine much since getting the Mac for work. I should probably stop that, it’s just…so much more convenient to use the Macbook in most cases. I mean, it certainly helps that it’s portable and not tied to one desk location, but I’m usually at that same location using the same monitors for the Windows desktop. I guess the problem is I mainly use this machine for gaming and since the baby I haven’t really been able to dive into games like I used to.

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Mad About Infrastructure

2023-02-01 | #infrastructure #reagan is in hell #travel

We made it back! The Tupperbaby is an incredibly understanding traveler, though we did run into several issues unrelated to the baby. You see, when Reagan fired those 11,000 air traffic controllers for striking, it had knock-on effects throughout the industry that caused permanent damage to not only that industry but to the labor movement writ large. This was followed by a series of recessions, terrorist attacks, recessions, coronaviruses, and recessions have kept the remaining airlines confident that they can get away with poor behavior because the government will just bail them out with no consequences.

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2023-01-26 | #baby #family #travel

This post will be periodically updated as we travel throughout the day. I’ve set it as a draft for now (so this should be erased), but we’ll see how that goes. I hate traveling, particularly flying. I’m over 6 foot tall, so there’s no comfortable way to sit in an airline seat for me. On top of that, I’m a Big Dude1 so it’s even harder to just sit comfortably than you’d imagine.

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