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Tomorrow is primidi 1 pluviôse an 231, celebrating the spurge-laurel. Spurge-laurel doesn’t grow here and that bothers me.

I love the French Republican Calendar a lot. It’s such a beautiful and revolutiponary idea: reclaiming the very framework of time from the gods and kings whose names litter the Gregorian days and months. What’s a way to celebrate the saints in a secular manner, in a way for the common person to still understand it. On top of that, the saints days were replaced by common Parisian countryside plants and animals as well as common tools that would be familiar to a common person of the time.

That’s why spurge-laurel is on there. That stuff does not grow in Ohio. I mean I’m sure you could try but why the hell would you introduce a new species. That’s how you get invasive carp, dude, do you want invasive carp?

One of the things I want to do with my life is adapt the vulgar calenar to be localized to this time and place. Times have changed since the Paris Commune and I think that we deserve to have a stronger relationship to the calendar we keep, down to the local level. One of the reasons I like the vulgar calendar so much is that it overlays fairly neatly onto pretty much any other calendar I can think of, so it’s faily easy to adapt to your needs.

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