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Reintroduction - Less Incoherent Rambling


Re-reading my very first post makes me realize that perhaps a second introduction is in order, this one a little more concise and simultaneously a little more specific.

I’m Ward. I am a self-taught engineer coming from the help desk and now working primarily with kubernetes and Platform engineering teams. I’m a fairly new dad which is about as mundane as thrilling adventures gets. I live in central Ohio, obviously. My interests are in distributed systems, games of all varieties but specifically TTRPGS, wargames and chess-like games (e.g. The Duke, Tak).

I believe in a decentralized world and I think the fediverse and the tools it leverages provides us a vision forwards past the heavily monetized series of walled gardens we have to navigate currently. The internet is supposed to be the sum of all human knowledge, we need to distribute that knowledge better.

My mission with this site is to demonstrate what you can do with barely any knowledge about anything. I’ll write up a walkthrough on how I stook up this Hugo site and then a rough idea of the infrastructure behind it. I want to also provide a shoestring option for you, because I believe in a self-hosted future. This will include managing my home k3s cluster made from trash computers, Scrappernetes, which has only caused one small fire so far!

I also want to be able to use this as a bit of a platform for some helpful ideas and organizations that are heling to make this miserable world a little bit easier to live in. As such, those ideas and organizations will likely align with the following:

Trans Rights, BLM, 1312, FOSS, IWW

Stay tuned!

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