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Plugging Away


Ok, finally got this up and running. I’m going to work now on getting a handle of the formatting, but first we’re doing a bunch of CI/CD work. I’m a damned DevOps guy so let’s make it happen.

What we’re going to likely be doing is using Jenkins as always, but I’m curious about exploring to really more easily manage the pipeline work and test it locally. The big idea would be to always make it so that the image being served on the live site matches what is in my GitHub repo. So that’s going to mean playing a lot with GitHub Action Runners. Or not. Who knows!

There really is no purpose to this post except as a method of becoming more acclimated to writing and publishing to this blog more frequently. I don’t know how often updates are going to be coming, but I figure I might as well practice writing a bit.

That’s all for now!

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